• For normal sized cookies (minimum 4 inches) the price per dozen will be at the very minimum $50. Depending on what your theme is and how intricate the design we come up with is, the price could be higher. If you have a price range I'd be happy to discuss with you how we can try and find something to fit within your budget. 


  • Getting a quote does not mean you are on my schedule. After confirming the price and paying at least half of the total then you will be on my schedule

  • Feel free to submit pictures for inspiration (i.e. invitation pictures or Pinterest pics), but I will not copy another person's work

  • Booking cookies less than 2 weeks from the needed date will have a rush fee applied

  • The cookies must be picked up in the state of Texas

*Please click the "Cookie Order Form" button if you would like a quote on your cookies!*