Fun Facts About Us

Favorite Movie:

S: "P.S. I Love You"          

C: "Star Wars"

Favorite Snack: 

S: "Raspberries"                

C: "Pie" 

Favorite TV Show:

S: "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" 

C: "Last Man Standing"

Favorite Color: 

S: "Pink"

C: "Blue" 

Favorite Cookie Flavor:

S: "Our regular flavor"  

C: "Chocolate Chip"

Favorite Part about working with the other: 

S: "He cleans the dishes and we laugh a lot" 

C: "Spending time together........sometimes"

Hi Friends! I want to introduce the faces behind Salty Bee Cookie Co.! My name is Summer and I'm the creator of Salty Bee! I started making cookies in college for fun after I took a 3-hour cookie decorating workshop. I had actually tried to make cookies a year before, but I got so tired after making the dough I just drizzled the icing on. I tried to do cookies after the workshop in 2017, but they were so ugly I didn't even take pictures. I would make cookies for my annual bible study Christmas parties and that allowed me to practice and get feedback from friends. Christmas 2018 I had a friend who tried my cookies and loved them so much he said he'd place an order and pay me (this was a huge deal to college Summer)! I felt encouraged that someone would actually buy my cookies that I decided to make Christmas cookies and sell them. I'm pretty sure I only sold to 2 people and gifted the rest to people around me, but it was honest work if you ask me! Following that Christmas, I had one semester left of college and actually had a couple of cookie orders along the way! I graduated in May 2019 with a degree in Exercise Physiology and moved to Cypress, Texas to be with my family. Since moving to Cypress I've been taking classes to hopefully get into physical therapy school in the future. I officially started Salty Bee Cookie Co. in November of 2019 after lots of thought and procrastination. We've had a great start and I even had to recruit my dad, Craig, to help! Sometimes it's just me doing the work because my dad goes on an 11-month vacation until Christmas rolls around again. We hope you enjoy our small family business and feel the love and hard work we put into your custom cookies!